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Weather Satellite Receiver with Antenna Diversity, R2FX

The R2FU receiver is designed for the for the reception of polar orbiting weather satellites which transmits in the 137MHz band. It has six memory channels which are programmed to the currently active satellite frequencies. You can select the channels manually by a key or let the receiver scan automatically over the frequencies until it finds a satellite signal. All channel can be re-programmed with any frequency by the user.
In opposite to the fomer model R2FX the new R2FU has now a USB interface that allows full control by software. Almost all satellite decoder softwares support the R2FU.
Also the receiver had an excellent sensitivity. The GaAs-FETS in the front-end of the new version makes it even better. An additional pre-amplifier is normally not necessary any more.
A new filter in the RF section and group delay optimized crystal filters in the IF improves the immunity against interferers significantly. This makes the expensive R2FZ obsolete which was originally designed for application in difficult RF environments.
A highly linear demodulator provide optimum image quality, even with weak signals. A AFC circuit compensates for Doppler frequency shifts.
A novel feature is the ability of the R2FX to utilise two antennas simultaneously: the receiver polls the antennas constantly and selects the stronger signal. This mechanism know from mobil radio as antenna diversity provides image reception free from drop-outs caused by multi path propagation.
From the six channels five can be scanned to search for satellite signals. The sixth channels originally was reserved for Meteosat reception. Meteosat does not transmit in a free decodable mode any more so this channel is free for other purposes (e.g. for the Orbcomm satellites).
Technical specifications
Frequency range 134 ... 139 MHz
Memory channels 6
Sensitivity 0,18ÁV at 20dB S/S+N (SINAD)
AFC tuning range ▒9kHz
Power supply via USB, 50mA
Size 113x85x31mm
Sope of delivery Receiver as shown, conection cable for sound card and USB, manual and decoder software WxtoImg from Craig Anderson and SATSIGNAL from David Taylor, remote control tool on CD-ROM

Price, ready-made unit

Currently there is no kit available. Anyway you will find a construction manual of an older version (in German)
Manual /English
here Handbuch /Deutsch
Sample picture from NOAA15, decoded with SatSignal
(click to enlarge, 700k)